June 4, 2016



The Spanish School of San Miguel is more intimate than some San Miguel Schools, both in class size and in focus – and that’s exactly why our students choose us. We build relationships around teaching, and our students excel as a result.How can you learn a language, adequately, in an environment where there is no personal attention? We don’t believe you can. We believe you need access to your teacher, and to feel a sense of relationship, to succeed. This is why our classes never feature more than five students at one time.

What we’ve discovered (in our many years of teaching foreign students) is that patience; personal attention, humor and caring are the formula for success. Of course, add to that knowing your grammar!

Let’s face it: Learning a second or third language isn’t the easiest endeavor you will ever undertake. Think Mt. Everest, the Iron Man triathlon, or writing a great novel.

We understand the challenge — and meet you with care and experience. You may not like the work of learning to speak Spanish, but we know you will love the rewards – and that drives our passion to teach you!

Did we say that to be successful at speaking Spanish you need grammar? You need grammar! Kudos to all the programs out there that get you speaking fast without it, but without proper verb conjugation and sentence structure, we don’t believe you’ll go very far.

You can’t talk about the state of the world, or your passion for travel, or eloquently seduce an amor, if you speak Spanish in present tense, alone! It’s for this reason that we focus heavily on both grammar and conversation skills from the start – so that Spanish speakers can understand you and you can understand them. If you can’t order una sopa del dia, or ask a man on the street for directions properly, you won’t want to continue your studies.