Teacher’s Day


As a teacher I am faced every day with barriers that keep our students from learning.

For example, many older students say that their age hinders them from learning a new language. Other prospective students don’t want to attend school because they think classes will be boring or excessively complicated.

Liceo de la Lengua (“The Spanish School”) breaks down such barriers.  Our approach is different from traditional schools – classes are interactive and fun, both for the teachers and the students.

We encourage students to speak out, express an opinion, share stories.
As they speak, the teachers gently correct mistakes.  Since we limit classes to five students we can provide personal attention in a positive atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie where everybody feels comfortable. It is a rare day when laughter does not break out in the classroom.

The Liceo de la Lengua teaching team is tenacious  — we are “stubborn as a mule” (tercos como una mula) in overcoming self-imposed obstacles. As teachers, we believe it is possible to learn something new every day. Our main tool is patience, and – believe me — we have a lot of that.

There is no other place where I would like to work.

Luis Espino
Liceo de la Lengua